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Exploring Different Test Data Management Strategies

Test Data Management (TDM) is about the provisioning of data for non-production environments, especially for test purposes but also for development, training, quality assurance, demonstrations or other activities. Test data has always been required to support application development and other environments but until the relatively recent advent of TDM this

Best Practices in Test Data Management

Test data management involves creating targeted, right-sized test environments, instead of cloning entire production environments. By working within a tailored development and test environment, companies can achieve greater control, accelerate testing and deliver quality applications. Check out the best practices in test data management that can help build and deliver quality

Accelerate Your Test Data Management

Discover how HP Test Data Management solution can help you accelerate test data management through rapid data preparation, sub-setting and masking. The solution automates test data preparation and masking on a single platform and empowers QA teams to generate test data faster. More>>