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Why the CDO may steal the CIO’s lunch


Bad news, CIOs: Businesses continue to hire chief digital officers and chief data officers to solve two imperatives: creating new value from data and managing data risk. Beware this power shift. More>>

Security of data is consumers’ biggest fear

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In the week when Ireland experienced its biggest ever data hacking breach, a new survey obtained by the Irish Independent reveals that security concerns dwarf all others for consumers. More>>

Find out Where Your Data Center Is At: Lessons Learned from the NSA Scandal

As Cloud Computing grows progressively and continues its triumphant journey, there is one issue that has unfortunately and undeservedly attained very little attention. It is the Geographic location of the data and the fact that where is its habituate data center. Though cloud computing provides hassle-free sources which users can use

Top 6 Threats to Enterprise Security

With “cyber espionage” making headlines, enterprises are buttering their security taking a closer look at threats that can impact their business and ultimately their bottom line. McAfee Labs has analyzed the threats of the past quarter for emerging trends, which center on mobile and overall malware. With BYOD becoming common across

5 Ways to Prevent a Catastrophic Data Loss in Your Business

It’s a known fact that data is the precious asset of any business. When data is lost, everything is lost. It affects an organization’s reputation apart from the huge financial loss. According to a study conducted by Symantec and the Ponemon Institute, data breaches cost companies an average of $214

Creative methods to protect your data

At a time when information is power and everyone is trying to protect it, data thefts and hacking attacks are also becoming common. Users can beef up their data security by setting creative passwords that cannot be easily cracked. This article looks at some of the unorthodox methods to protect