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Identity Theft: How thieves steal your identity

Identity theft is everywhere. It happens at stores, ATMs, and online. Thieves get access to your personal data and get away with this crime. Do you know something as simple as Facebook can start the ball rolling for someone looking for your info? More>>

How businesses can safeguard the security of their data

Employees accessing multi devices—such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones—are making it difficult to safeguard their confidential information. The staff at the BBC had £750,000 worth of gadgets lost or stolen since 2010. This highlights the growing `data security’ issue many companies are facing. While the cost of replacing these expensive

Analysts sound data security alarm over cloud and BYOD

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With cloud computing and the bring your own device (BYOD) trend putting the security of business data at increasing risk, industry experts aver that companies need to re-think their security strategies to keep sensitive data safe. More>>

Privacy and data protection governance in five steps

Data is the lifeblood of any business. However as the volumes explode, it becomes a herculean task to protect sensitive data and prevent privacy infringements. Companies must understand the laws, regulations and standards for privacy and data protection, as well as ensure compliance with those rules. But where do you go

Irish organisations create data protection roles

Eight out of ten Irish organisations now have a named person with responsibility for data protection, with an overall increase in awareness of data protection requirements. These are some of the key findings of the Irish Computer Society (ICS) Data Protection Survey 2013, conducted by Fresh Perspectives, which examined awareness of