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How to Craft a BYOD Governance Program

Despite all its promises of increased productivity and morale, BYOD programs carry inherent risks. The challenge for IT and business leaders are to come up with a program that satisfies employee desires for flexibility with corporate needs for security. A well-crafted governance program is the answer. More>>

10 signs that you might have a data governance problem

Lack of proper data management exposes an organization to significant risk. While discussing and reviewing issues in technology systems and failed projects, we usually create a data path to the problem. Data governance issues can exist in organizations of any size, but if you don’t know much about data governance, that’s

Data Governance Gone Wild


Getting data governance right is important because a company’s understanding of the customer is only as good as the system that generated that customer’s information.  More>>

A beginner’s guide to data governance


Every knows that data quality is a key element of data governance. Having noted the pitfalls of bad data and the benefits of good data, what practical steps can you take to improve things? More>>

The Role of Ethics in Data Governance


When you do not address the ethical use of data in your governance policies and procedures, there can be unintended consequences that may not harm you, but certainly can affect or harm your customers and partners. More>>

Does Business or IT Drive Data Governance?


If you really want your data governance program to mature and truly be business led, the greatest pivot will be for IT to give up control of the data and the facilitation of data governance. More>>