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5 Cloud Computing Security Tips for 2013

Cloud computing is becoming more popular every year, and many are predicting that 2013 will see a real explosion in the popularity of cloud computing. While the advantages of cloud computing have been discussed at length, there are a couple of potential dangers. However proper security protocol can help prevent

79% of CIOs are concerned about hidden costs of cloud computing

A survey conducted by Research In Action showed that 79% of the CIOs thought of the potential hidden costs of cloud computing. The costs here can be anywhere from subscription fees, system and staff setup and training. Here are the detailed concerns they have of cloud computing migration. More>>

Do you have an enterprise-wide cloud strategy?

Cloud computing is experiencing strong, sustained growth across enterprises large and small. But as cloud models mature, IT leaders face a number of decisions. Check out the white paper for expert help on determining the right approach for your organization. More>>  

Cloud computing adoption increases in Australia: IDC

Adoption of cloud services is steadily increasing in Australia, according to the findings of an IDC enterprise cloud survey. According to the survey results, 69.6 per cent of respondents said their business unit selected the cloud service provider. More>>