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What Really Is Big Data? And Why It Will Change the World

As big data continues to spread the buzz , one question that’s in everyone’s mind is how it is going to impact our lives. Going by the rate at which new data is being generated and how our ability to analyze the complex data, there are 4 Vs that characterize

5 roles you need on your big data team

While many companies are obsessed about turning “data” into value, they don’t spend enough time on the “people” side of the equation. Getting the people side of the equation right, however, is not just about hiring the best talent. Here are five important roles to staff your advanced analytics bureau.

Driving Value from New Data

One of the best ways to improve the power of your analytics is to include some totally new information. The use of new information can enable huge leaps in the effectiveness, predictive power, and accuracy of your analytics. Check out the column by Bill Franks, Chief Analytics Officer for Teradata’s