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The Importance of Establishing Control Points for Information Management across the Organization
Strong data management doesn't just begin on the back end, when the data actually hits a database. It begins long before that, early in the data lifecycle, and across many areas of the organization. More»
Considerations for Using Tokenization to Mask Your Sensitive Data
Tokenization can be a good alternative to encryption in some cases, or it can be a complementary solution that works with encryption to provide a very high level of data protection. More»
Big Data and Cloud – Managing the Explosion of Data
A data explosion is occurring in the world. As more and more data is being collected, the challenge is how to use it effectively and securely. More»
Data Protection: 5 Trends to Impact Your IT Planning in 2012
Even as data continues to grow, small businesses need a way to keep it secure and recover it when something goes wrong. More»
Why Software File Archiving is More Cost Effective than Buying More Storage Hardware
Big Data: Tools are not a Substitute for Thought
Just having a powerful tool doesn't mean that it can substitute thinking. This principle applies when we are trying to make decisions using Big Data. More»
EDMS Data Masking
How to Improve Your Application Security Practices
Improving your application security posture requires determining whether you're a target of opportunity or a target of choice and understanding your development lifecycle. More»