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The Forrester Wave: Big Data Predictive Analytics Solutions, Q2 2015

In its evaluation, Forrester Research said, "IBM assembles an impressive set of capabilities, putting predictive at the center. No matter how an organization wants to get started with predictive analytics, IBM has an option for them. The solution offers one of the most comprehensive set of capabilities to build models,

Forrester Big Data Vendor Overview Newsletter

The landscape of Enterprise data is changing with the adven of Enterprise Social Data, IoT, logs, click-streams. The data is too big, moves too fast, or doesn't fit the strictures of current database architechtures. As Forrester points out, "with growing data volume, increasing compliance pressure, and the revolution of Big

Hadoop and a Modern Data Architecture

The explosion of new types of data in recent years - from inputs such as the web and connected devices, or just sheer volumes of records - has put tremendous pressure on the EDW and other data systems. In response to this disruption, an increasing number of organizations have turned

The Principles of the Business Data Lake

‘Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast,’ so said Peter Drucker, elegantly making the point that the hardest thing to change in any organization is its culture. In the areas of information management, analytics and reporting, however, IT has been continually fighting a business culture which it has no ability or authority

Enterprise Archiving with Apache Hadoop

The landscape of enterprise data is changing with the advent of enterprise social data, Internet of Things (IoT), log and click streams. The reason this is called big data is because this exceeds the processing capacity of conventional database systems. The data is too big, moves too fast, of doesn’t

Unlocking Insights with Apache Hadoop

In their efforts to extract value from big data, organizations around the world are turning to the Hadoop data collection, management and analysis platform. Hadoop offers two important services: store any kind of data from any source, inexpensively and at very large scale, and perform sophisticated analysis of that data

Hadoop Grows Up: It’s Time to Consider Preconfigured Solutions

New data management and analytics architectures are emerging in response to the demands driven by the availability of Big Data. As a result, IT leaders must reassess the way they view Big Data and Analytics use cases and user requirements. However, Big Data and Analytics is not a single workload,

Building Blocks For A Scale-Out Data Lake With EMC And Pivotal

The rapid growth of unstructured data represents a significant challenge for many enterprises across a wide range of industries today. As the volume and sources of data have expanded dramatically, traditional techniques to store and analyze information have proven to be too expensive and too slow to handle the massive