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The Mistakes Companies Make With Big Data

Big data has launched a boom industry in data analytics and science. To find out where this revolution is headed and how companies can get a competitive advantage, The Wall Street Journal’s Rebecca Blumenstein spoke with Hilary Mason, chief executive and founder of Fast Forward Labs and former chief scientist

Big Data Predictions For 2016

The hype around big data and analytics has gone through cycles over the past couple of years, starting with excitement about how much data we have and the potential for it. That moment was followed by that let-down, "now what?" feeling after organizations put the storage and tools in place

5 Ways 2015 changed enterprise software forever

The past year brought big changes to the core software applications and tools that companies use every day, and some of those shifts promise to have a particularly enduring impact. Here are five ways the past year changed enterprise software for good. More>>

Big Data Opportunities Need Big Data Security

The adoption of big data analytics is rapidly growing. If you don’t get ahead of the curve, there’s big potential for big problems; but if you do plan ahead, there are big opportunities to successfully enable the business. You might be wondering what the big deal is — and what

How Apache Kafka is greasing the wheels for big data

Analytics is often described as one of the biggest challenges associated with big data, but even before that step can happen, data has to be ingested and made available to enterprise users. That's where Apache Kafka comes in. Originally developed at LinkedIn, Kafka is an open-source system for managing real-time

Do Big Data Results Depend On What Data We Look At?

One of the greatest challenges facing the emerging world of “big data” analysis is the degree to which the results we see are dependent on the data we look at. Put another way, does big data analysis reveal “universal truths” that capture fundamentally new knowledge about society, or are all

Hortonworks unveils big data scorecard

At Strata + Hadoop World here yesterday, Hadoop distribution specialist Hortonworks unveiled a new tool called the Hortonworks Big Data Scorecard designed to help organizations develop a plan for jumpstarting big data projects."Hortonworks has always been committed to partnering with customers to make their big data projects as successful as