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The 10 Coolest Big Data Products Of 2012

"Big data" went from early-adopter buzzword to full-blown industry trend -- or even an entire industry by itself -- in 2012. Market researcher Gartner calculated that big data would drive $28 billion of IT spending in 2012. Not surprising, given that the exploding volume of information stored in the world's

6 Problems Big Data Will Make Worse

Though the concept of big data and the expectations on it are grandiose, there are growing pains with the tech and strategy of big data implementations. This slideshow looks at the 6 problems big data will probably make worse in the near future. More>>

Data Storage: Backup, Disaster Recovery System Cost Justification: 10 Convincing Tips

Data and files have to be counted among any organization's critical assets along with products, cash, securities, raw materials and intellectual property. Check out these 10 tips to validate any new disaster recovery (DR) and continuity of operation (COOP) technology to determine whether the cost of implementing it is justified.