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10 Big Data predictions for 2016

Mark Darbyshire, Chief Technologist at SAP UKI: “With the dawn of the ‘zettabyte era’, and the world churning out more than a trillion gigabytes of data, 2016 will see businesses looking to predictive analytics to uncover trends and patterns and gain unprecedented insight into customers, businesses and markets. More>>

Medical technologist drives semantic data lake development

A pivotal magazine article helped point medical doctor Parsa Mirhaji along a path to a semantic data lake for healthcare analytics applications, using Hadoop, RDF, graph databases and more. Nearly 15 years ago when Parsa Mirhaji -- then a doctor and medical researcher at the University of Texas -- picked

8 Big Data Trends for 2016

Bigger, faster, and different: that’s where Big Data is headed in the New Year. The trend of more people doing more things with their data quickly will continue, but the details continue to evolve. The spread of self-service data analytics, along with widespread adoption of the cloud and Hadoop, are

Big Data & The Law Of Diminishing Returns

Right now, big data looks like it holds all the answers for any questions a person or company might have. However, in reality, big data eventually has to succumb to the law of diminishing returns. Here's what several experts see as the gap between promise and reality. At the heart

Apache Spark Updates, Executive Data Strategies: Big Data Roundup

In our big data roundup for the week of Nov. 27, we've got updates on Apache Spark and its ecosystem, a reality check on the practical use of artificial intelligence today and more. You might expect a slow week for big data news as all the analysts and data scientists

Big data: A strategic cyber target

Big data has captured the headlines for a number of months now. Some estimates project that data will grow to the exabyte (1,000 gigabytes) level in the next few years and shortly after hit a zettabyte (1,000,000,000,000 gigabytes) level. That is a huge amount of data. Global data storage hardware

​Big Data and Cloud rise prompts change of tact from service providers

The widespread adoption of machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, shift from reactive to predictive analytics for the Internet of Things (IoT), and continuing virtualisation of network functions are compelling service providers to seek advanced testing solutions for Big Data and Cloud analytics. Testing methodologies that can check the conformance of higher level

Big Data: Where are we headed?

Big data is currently on the fast track. The rapid ongoing developments are not showing any signs of slowing down in 2015, as seen by the following trends for the coming year. Companies lose a lot of potential when their various departments work as isolated entities. When there is a