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SQL Server 2016 & Azure Data Lake

The latest Community Technology Preview (CTP) of SQL Server 2016 was announced at Microsoft’s PASS Summit. The new version keeps data continuously encrypted, whether in the database or while being transferred. Support for R statistical analysis has been added, along with the inclusion of the PolyBase facility within SQL Server.

Big Data: Success Stories Beyond Hadoop

John Schroeder is the co-founder and CEO of MapR, one of the big names of the Big Data revolution and a key provider and enabler of many of its biggest success stories. I talked to Schroeder about the big data industry, their business, the most interesting use cases and his

Are Big Data and IoT the Same?

Both Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) are technologies that have something to do with more intelligent systems, but how similar or different are they? For starters, let’s understand IoT. It is basically about making our products smarter and contextually aware. With IoT, we are embedding chips and

Three ways to build a big data system

Any company already managing a large amount of structured data with enterprise systems and data warehouses is therefore fairly well versed in the day-to-day issues of large-scale data management. It would seem natural for those companies to assume that, as big data is the next big thing happening in the

NYU Medical School adds big data to course requirements

For generations, physicians have been trained in basic science and human anatomy to diagnose and treat the individual patient. But now, massive stores of data about what works for which patients are literally changing the way medicine is practiced. “That’s how we make decisions; we make them based on the

Improving The Accuracy Of Big Data Analysis

For many people, it stands to reason that the more data you analyze, the more accurate your results will be. That’s why the idea behind big data analytics is so appealing. After all, a business can spend its time gathering lots of information, analyze it, and come up with some

The machines are eating your BI, says DataStax CEO

NoSQL has been a "complete game changer," according to database guru Michael Franklin. And yet, it has hardly touched the traditional Business Intelligence (BI) industry. Oh, sure, you can get an ODBC driver to connect Tableau to Cassandra or a similar connection between MongoDB and Informatica, but these are low-fidelity

Inspiring New Approaches To Customer Satisfaction With A Data Lake

EMC didn’t grow to be a $25 billion global technology leader without a keen focus on customer satisfaction. In fact, EMC has a dedicated program called Total Customer Experience (TCE) to drive continuous innovation in enhancing customer experience. For example, one strategy has been for our customer service organization to

Analyze Data with Presto and Airpal on Amazon EMR

You can now launch Presto version 0.119 on Amazon EMR, allowing you to easily spin up a managed EMR cluster with the Presto query engine and run interactive analysis on data stored in Amazon S3. You can integrate with Spot instances, publish logs to an S3 bucket, and use EMR’s