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Data lakes: A better way to analyze customer data

When The Weather Company wanted to up its game in the forecasting world, executives knew the answer was to analyze even more data. However, the company's data warehouse was too constricting; it accepted only structured data and required as long as six months to develop appropriate schemas. More>>

7 Reasons Big Data Analytics initiatives fail

Every business worth its multi-million-dollar tagline wants to understand Big Data Analytics and leverage it. What I have realised is that it takes not only skill but finesse as well to understand and appreciate Big Data in all its beauty and derive true and timely business value from it. More>>

Big Data Analytics: Tools and Trends

One of the actual utilizations of future era parallel and appropriated frameworks is in big-data analytics. Analysis tasks regularly have hard due dates, and data quality is an essential concern in yet different applications. For most rising applications, data-driven models and strategies, fit for operating at scale, are as-yet unknown.

9 Hot Big Data And Analytics Startups To Watch

Hadoop recently celebrated its 10th birthday, advanced analytics have become even more sophisticated, and a plethora of startups have arisen to help organizations wrangle all the data and pull out insights. With all that in mind, here are nine big data and analytics startups to watch. More>>

This Is Why Dictators Love Big Data

Big data is all the rage right now. It’s a trendy buzzword, but more than that, it’s providing incredible opportunities to the companies and organisations that are putting forth the time and energy to make it work to solve complex problems. Big data has the potential to do a lot

Using Big Data to Help Solve the Big Building Energy Problem

Big Data isn’t just an impressive show of new technology, it’s a way to solve problems. In fact, quantitative analysis in the digital age – done in a scientific way to build objective evidence – has been called the best and most powerful instrument for the creation of good policy

Big Data and the Race To Be President

The U.S. presidential election is nine months away, and the race is still wide open. Just about anything could happen between now and November 8, and probably will. But one thing is clear: The winner will have a very good big data analytics strategy. Americans got their first taste of

Data Exploration with Databricks

Being able to interactively explore massive datasets is critical for data science, data engineering or even business intelligence. Databricks allows you to seamlessly query data and visualize results in a notebook environment in the language you prefer – whether it’s SQL, R, Python, or Scala. More>>