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Bracing for the Big Data Explosion

Every day people, processes and machines generate more than two exabytes (that’s two billion billion bytes) of new data. Most of it is unstructured and unrelated, creating a data flow that is hard or nearly impossible to manage quickly and analyze accurately with traditional tools. More>>

Enterprise data architecture strategy and the big data lake

Today's enterprise data architecture strategy has to address how to align existing data systems with growing information needs, capabilities and data sources. Modern CIOs are faced with two challenges in unifying the increasingly disparate aspects of the enterprise data architecture. More>>

Syncsort open-sources Spark connector for mainframes

The clash between old and new gripping the analytics world moved up yet another notch this morning with the release of a connector from Syncsort Inc. that aims to make it easier for organizations to tap records in their mainframes using Apache Spark. It’s being made available under the same

The keys to Big Data security

Data security is one of the largest issues many industries face today. When you are deploying Big Data on networks, it can become problematic trying to protect information throughout the chain. HP Security Voltage provides data-centric protection to ensure that you are guarding your business intelligence and customers’ private information.More>>

How to Future Proof Your Data Lake Six Critical Considerations

We have reached an inflection point in the rate of data creation that, unless you are willing to start throwing huge quantities of it away, you simply cannot afford to continue using the same technologies and tools to store and analyze it. The existing data silos – impractical for many

Uncovering the Truth about Six Big Data Security Analytics Myths

Cyber threats are becoming extremely sophisticated, as evidenced by the many high-profile breaches over the last few years. Organizations are confronting a new reality where they must accept that they are likely to be impacted, despite their best attempts to keep these threats out altogether.More>>

Big data, big challenges: Hadoop in the enterprise

As I work with larger enterprise clients, a few Hadoop themes have emerged. A common one is that most companies seem to be trying to avoid the pain they experienced in the heyday of JavaEE, SOA, and .Net -- as well as that terrible time when every department had to

Untangling Big Data for Digital Marketing

The web and its online communities are expanding the use of big data. Ecommerce conglomerates including Amazon and eBay have already transformed the market through their innovative, highly scalable digital platforms and product recommender systems. More>>