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Data Is Not The Same As Truth: Interpretation In The Big Data Era

One of the most common misconceptions of the “big data” world is that from data comes irrefutable truth. Yet, any given piece of data records only a small fragment of our existence and the same piece of data can often support multiple conclusions depending on how it is interpreted. What

Big Data For All? Oracle’s 2016 Predictions

Industry hype would have us believe that big data is already pervasive. In fact, that’s just not true. Hadoop and Spark vendors count roughly 3,000 paying enterprise customers for big data. And while there are big data users that don’t pay for support, most of those organizations are not using

7 Ways Semantic Technologies Make Data Make Sense

As unstructured data piles up, semantic technologies help organizations drive business value through a better understanding of the data they have, its value, and the relationships pieces of information have to each other. The volume and variety of data is exploding, and the race is on for organizations to make

Looking at Spark from a Hadoop Lens

An Insider’s Guide to Apache Spark is a useful new resource directed toward enterprise thought leaders who wish to gain strategic insights into this exciting new computing framework. As one of the most exciting and widely adopted open-source projects, Apache Spark in-memory clusters are driving new opportunities for application

Big Data: Now A Top Management Issue

A new study by the Economist Intelligence Unit has just been released that shows how big data is moving from its infancy to “data adolescence,” in which companies are increasingly meeting the challenges of a data-driven world. The report, called “Big Data Evolution,” details the ways in which companies’ attitudes

How big data is changing the music game

When digital downloads became popular and listeners began buying (and sometimes pirating) MP3 files, CD sales plummeted. Eventually, digital downloads started declining as people discovered music-streaming platforms like Pandora, Spotify and, more recently, Apple Music. Now, with Pandora’s recent acquisition of Ticketfly, streaming is expected to evolve to include live

RapidMiner’s Big Data Predictive Analytics Goes Textual With AYLIEN

RapidMiner, an open source big data analytics platform that ranks as a leader in Gartner IT +0.00%’s Magic Quadrant, now offers text analysis by AYLIEN, a specialist in natural language processing and text analysis. With this extension, RapidMiner users will have the capabilities to leverage unstructured data sources like Tweets,

Genomics big data compels IT to rediscover efficiency techniques

In the sequencing centre at the Welcome Trust Sanger Institute near Cambridge sit seven capillary DNA sequencing machines. They were among those used in the late 1990s and early 2000s to create the first map of the human genome, a scientific milestone jointly announced by prime minister Tony Blair and

Big Data Analytics and its Importance

When we talk about Big Data, we find some people saying that it’s just and no action while at the other side of the shore we find another set of people who claim that Big data delivers usable insights. My point is what exactly the arena is about.I would call