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Crowdfunding in Cloud Based Startups: A Reason to Cherish

What is rather essential as far as crowdfunding is concerned; it is all about building members of the family with folks around you. The current economic climate has encouraged many individual to come up with their own startups. Technological know-how has grown to the point that many people can start

3 Ways Big Data Can Change Student Lives

Big data servicesApproximately 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is created every day with a staggering 90 percent of the world’s total data having been created in the last two years, according to IBM. Simply put, data is just information. However, take large amounts of data derived from all kinds of

Does Big Data Need Citizen Data Scientists?

As big data rounds the corner of relevance, CIOs are seeing the value of “citizen developers” since recruiting large numbers of data scientists is proving difficult. Self-service becomes an interesting response, but how can CIOs deliver this? More>>

Fundamentals of Big Data Log Analytics

In February 2016, Kai Wähner presented a brand new talk at OOP in Munich: “Comparison of Frameworks and Tools for Big Data Log Analytics and IT Operations Analytics”. The focus of the talk is to discuss different open source frameworks, SaaS cloud offerings and enterprise products for analyzing big masses

Big data’s big role in humanitarian aid

Hundreds of thousands of refugees streamed into Europe in 2015 from Syria and other Middle Eastern countries. Some estimates put the number at nearly a million. The sheer volume of people overwhelmed European officials, who not only had to handle the volatile politics stemming from the crisis, but also had

Just Using Big Data Isn’t Enough Anymore

Big Data has quickly become an established fact for Fortune 1000 firms — such is the conclusion of a Big Data executive survey that my firm has conducted for the past four years. The survey gathers perspectives from a small but influential group of executives — chief information officers, chief

The Big Data Transition

Predictions for 2016 are flowing in and Big Data is being talked about from all corners of the industry, “with each passing year, as the world transitions to digital era technologies, the consumption of data is increasing exponentially. More>>