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Does Big Data Need Citizen Data Scientists?

As big data rounds the corner of relevance, CIOs are seeing the value of “citizen developers” since recruiting large numbers of data scientists is proving difficult. Self-service becomes an interesting response, but how can CIOs deliver this? More>>

Big Data Meets Big Data Analytics

Organizations are inundated with data – terabytes and petabytes of it. To put it in context, 1 terabyte contains 2,000 hours of CD-quality music and 10 terabytes could store the entire US Library of Congress print collection. Exabytes, zettabytes and yottabytes definitely are on the horizon. More>>

Forrester Market Overview for Big Data Archiving

The landscape of Enterprise data is changing with the advent of Enterprise Social Data, IoT, logs, click-streams. The data is too big, moves too fast, or doesn’t fit the strictures of current database architectures. As Forrester points out, “with growing data volume, increasing compliance pressure, and the revolution of big

Configuring Kafka for High Throughput

In the last several years, Hadoop has evolved into an excellent and mature batch processing framework which handles the volume, veracity and variety of Big Data. However, many use cases across various domains need to handle the velocity of Big Data that Hadoop simply is not suited to handle. These

MapR Streams: Enabling Real-Time Hadoop

Hadoop came to prominence because of its economical storage of data and the bulk processing capabilities it provided for extremely large data sets. Quite recently, there has been considerable interest and experimentation in applying Hadoop to data streaming applications. This has been provoked partly by the fact that Hadoop has

The Forrester Wave Big Data Hadoop Solutions Q1 2016

MapR has also done more than any other distribution vendor under the covers of Hadoop to deliver a reliable and efficient distribution for large-cluster implementations. Its customers typically have or are planning large, mission-critical Hadoop clusters and want to use MapR-DB and MapR Streams (which implement the HBase and Kafka

Big Data For Big Cities: The Civic Benefits Of Google Street View And Yelp

Even as citizens generate more data than ever before, most cities haven’t taken full advantage of that information flow to improve services and become more efficient. “Historically, cities have been moving in analog, trying to measure things with imperfect data in information-poor environments,” says Harvard Business School Assistant Professor Michael

This Is Why Dictators Love Big Data

Big data is all the rage right now. It’s a trendy buzzword, but more than that, it’s providing incredible opportunities to the companies and organisations that are putting forth the time and energy to make it work to solve complex problems. Big data has the potential to do a lot