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AtScale Benchmarks SQL-To-Hadoop Tools

AtScale, which offers software to enable traditional business intelligence tools to query the big data stored in Hadoop, has released a new SQL-to-Hadoop benchmark that shows which engines work best for which tasks. More>>

Data lakes: A better way to analyze customer data

When The Weather Company wanted to up its game in the forecasting world, executives knew the answer was to analyze even more data. However, the company's data warehouse was too constricting; it accepted only structured data and required as long as six months to develop appropriate schemas. More>>

7 Reasons Big Data Analytics initiatives fail

Every business worth its multi-million-dollar tagline wants to understand Big Data Analytics and leverage it. What I have realised is that it takes not only skill but finesse as well to understand and appreciate Big Data in all its beauty and derive true and timely business value from it. More>>

Big data and creativity: What we can learn from ‘House of Cards’

Data and creativity can work really well together. Don’t believe me? On February 1, 2013, a TV series called House of Cards debuted on the video streaming service Netflix. It proved an immediate hit. Two years later, it has a nine out of 10 rating from more than 275,000 reviewers.

Big Data Analytics: Tools and Trends

One of the actual utilizations of future era parallel and appropriated frameworks is in big-data analytics. Analysis tasks regularly have hard due dates, and data quality is an essential concern in yet different applications. For most rising applications, data-driven models and strategies, fit for operating at scale, are as-yet unknown.

Crowdfunding in Cloud Based Startups: A Reason to Cherish

What is rather essential as far as crowdfunding is concerned; it is all about building members of the family with folks around you. The current economic climate has encouraged many individual to come up with their own startups. Technological know-how has grown to the point that many people can start

3 Ways Big Data Can Change Student Lives

Big data servicesApproximately 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is created every day with a staggering 90 percent of the world’s total data having been created in the last two years, according to IBM. Simply put, data is just information. However, take large amounts of data derived from all kinds of

9 Hot Big Data And Analytics Startups To Watch

Hadoop recently celebrated its 10th birthday, advanced analytics have become even more sophisticated, and a plethora of startups have arisen to help organizations wrangle all the data and pull out insights. With all that in mind, here are nine big data and analytics startups to watch. More>>