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Home > About Us, previously,  provides the latest updates on Information Lifecycle Management (ILM). The site acts as a clearing house enabling end-users, thought leaders and other ILM professionals to stay up-to-date, adopt best practices and make timely decisions.

This website is our humble effort to showcase the latest ILM buzz, in one place. Our mission is to be theone-stop for the ILM updates and help the end-user with quality updates.

To start with, here’s what you can get from this website:

  • Spotlight: A peek into some of the most happening things on ILM  
  • News: A collection of the latest news releases and news stories on ILM
  • Articles: A view from the experts on the hottest ILM topics
  • Blogs: A compendium of thought-provoking opinions and points of view from the stalwarts in ILM
  • Events: The one-stop shop for all the major events happening in the ILM industry
  • Slideshows: A glimpse into selective offerings from companies
  • Webinars: An opportunity to hear it straight from the experts
  • Whitepapers: A collection of authoritative reports that educate enable you to make decisions

This website is owned by Accelforce PTE Ltd., Singapore.